Ceiling Repair / New-fit

The London Cornice Company’s team is an expert in ceiling repair and new-fit plasterwork.

If you have a lath and plaster ceiling that is showing signs of damage, cracking (new cracks or growth in existing cracks), water marks and general signs of age, it’s vital the existing fit is examined to identify the cause and best plan to repair.

Often the original work will need to be replaced due to comprise of the structure (see our Bespoke Matching Service to learn how we can perfectly re-create existing designs).  However, our skilled team can also follow an agreed repair plan to return existing fittings to the original state.

We work closely with insurance companies where needed, and as suits can use both modern and traditional methods of working (such as lime render) to ensure your ceiling is as good as new.

Contact Us to see how we can help with your repair or new-fit project.

Warn, water-damaged, cracked and buckling plasterwork is a sign your original ceiling likely needs urgent remedial work to be carried out on it