Bespoke Matching Service

Not sure our standard molds will work for your project?  Already have fitted (or damaged) plaster work you’d like to match?  This is where our Bespoke Matching Service comes in.

Our skilled crafts man will work with you to:

  • Understand your needs.  We’ll firstly talk through what you want to achieve and we’ll create a plan on how best to tackle the job.
  • Next we’ll look at the existing plasterwork.  We’ll take measurements and photographs to ensure we can perfectly match your existing design.  We’ll also carefully remove an existing part of the plasterwork so we know what we are copying.
  • Our experts will then create a new mold specifically for your job.  This uses all our skill and experience as the best mold will produce the best plasterwork!
  • Once created, we’ll produce new replica plasterwork to replace damaged or worn parts, or to extend matching an existing pattern.
  • We’ll then fit the new plasterwork before seamlessly rendering the join lines.
  • We can even quote to paint the fitted plasterwork for a complete job!